Our Story



Wildwood Landing was born in 2012 out of the desire to help my newly married son and daughter-in-love. What began as a business opportunity for her soon turned into a creative outlet that I loved as well. I love leading a wholesale entity and helping others working in retail. I know, because I owned retail space for several years and understand the trade. I get it, see you, and I want to help you win at your business! 

Most evenings you’ll find me sitting next to my husband on the couch with my laptop and something chocolate. Our kids (and grandkids) live in TN and CA so we travel often to enjoy time with them. Honestly, my family, relationships, and having a positive impact on someone’s life is what matters most to me.

At Wildwood, our goal is simple: to bring laughter and kind words into your day. Why? Because we all need laughter and we all need a kind word. We strive to do that every day in our interactions and through our collection of heartwarming and witty gifts. 

Glimpse into the next 10 years? Well, I never liked being labeled or put in a box, I want to explore and have fun, and I run my company the same way. At Wildwood, we aren’t confined to just one thing. We’re going to continue to infuse modern with retro, black + white, splashes of color, and on-trend designs in all we do. NEW products and NEW designs are always just around the corner.

Here’s to hoping I have another 10 years with you!