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If we need to wear a face mask, let's do it with laughter and a kind message!

Wildwood Landing face masks are made of 100% breathable cotton fabric. The lining of our masks are actually the same flour sack cloth we use for our tea towels! Super soft, tightly woven, absorbent, washable, breathable. All the things!

Masks include adjustable elastic for ear loops. Face shapes are unique, right? So we thread the elastic through the sides of the mask, and leave enough elastic tied off inside the channel for you to personally adjust.

Hand-made in Charleston SC


Minimum quantity is 48 pieces. You can choose 4 custom designs x 12 each, or 2 designs x 24 each, or 1 design x 48 pieces.

Please add the initial $40 screen fee option to your cart. Upon reprint, there is a $5 re-set fee, minimum qty 48.

Please add quantity 48 to your cart ALONG with the custom screen fee.

You may state your color preference in NOTES upon checkout, but again there is no guarantee we can fulfill exact color choices. If color is of utmost importance to you, please email us in advance before purchasing. Once you purchase, we will satisfy your order with the fabric color in stock.



CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings.

Surgical masks and N95 respirators are in short supply and should be reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders, as recommended by CDC guidance.